About the iPad in the Band Room Project

This project has been funded through a generous grant from the Ankeny Community School District Foundation.  The purpose of the project is to use the new iPad tablet computer for evaluation, design, and use in new instructional strategies for instrumental music students.  The device will be used in the instrumental music classroom and small group lessons.

The project began with the acquisition of a 16GB wi-fi enabled iPad April 8, 2010 and will continue indefinitely.  While much of the early evaluation could be completed within six months of school use, the nature of this technology is to develop exponentially over time.  Therefore, it is possible that this project will extend for additional months and years as more software is developed and the functionality of the device is increased.

Initially there will be just one faculty member directing this project.  The setting will be the instrumental music program at Parkview Middle School in Ankeny, IA.  The Parkview instrumental music program currently enrolls over 430 students in grades six and seven.  As the project continues, additional staff and students will likely become involved through collaboration in additional subject areas, grade levels, and district schools.

The initial grant request will only cover the cost of purchasing the iPad.  This should be sufficient for the initial evaluation period.  As more specialized instrumental music applications are developed there will likely be a need to purchase additional software and/or hardware accessories.  Funds to cover these purchases will most likely come from a classroom budget, the instrumental music activity account, or the teacher’s personal budget.  The project will accept donations for future development.

Additional information on the iPad, its capabilities, and possibilities for music education may be found at the following on-line sources:




4 responses to “About the iPad in the Band Room Project

  1. RM

    Hoping to have an iPad for VNC control of my iMac within the year. I’m hoping to get ideas of apps and uses from your blog.


  2. Becky

    I am thrilled to have an ipad in my band room, but pretty clueless how to use it. For instance: how do you use the Gibson tuner for band instruments?

    • Becky, there are tons of appropriate apps. We’ve had a lot of success with iStroboSoft (Peterson Tuner), Subdivide (metronome) and Instruments in Reach. Lately we’ve been trying to use the iPad and other mobile devices much more with assessment. Try socrative.com and Google forms to create your own assessments and give the students quick feedback. Enjoy the journey and please share your own discoveries!

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